Microsoft starts Ad Battle against MacBook Air

Microsoft seems to believe that the most inspired method to compete against Apple is to make some comparison ads, obviously in its own benefit. Thus, the company has decided to launch a new campaign in which to emphasize the differences extant between its Surface Pro 3 and the MacBook Air. It is no use to say that the ads claim that the Microsoft computer is much better than Apple’s.

The ads have been suggestively named Crowded, Head to Head and Power. They present two friends (we can just hear not see them, ok just their hands) having a dispute over the qualities of the gadgets they use. In the ad entitled “Crowded” the Mac possessor says that he has touch screen feature as well and then puts his iPad on top of his MacBook. Then the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 user writes something on the screen with a digital pen. In response to that the Mac user gets out a traditional pen and pad. Towards the end of the ad the Mac user realizes that he has to carry around too many things in order to solve his problems. At this point the Surface user utters the worlds “You are more powerful than you think” making an unveiled-mocking reference to the motto that Apple uses to promote its iPhone 5S.

The second ad, the one entitled “Head to Head” is targeted towards the putting face to face the specs of the two gadgets. So, we find out that both gadgets have storage of 128 gigabytes and a random access memory of 4 gigabytes. Not much of a difference till now, is it? But the next second the Surface possessor focuses the viewer’s attention on the touchscreen tablet, the amazing detachable keyboard and obviously the digitizer pen. The advertisement ends with the warning “Do not attempt” when the other person in the video tries to separate the two parts of his Mac laptop computer.

In the advertisement entitled “Power” some other features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are brought into the public’s attention. Thus, the ad reveals that the new Microsoft gadget has mini display ports, USB and Kickstand.

The advertisements are funny to watch however they do not reveal which are the strongest features of the Surface Pro 3. When it comes to specs the Microsoft gadget is pretty similar to Apple’s MacBook Air. The advertisements pretty much fail to convince iPad and MacBook possessors to abandon their beloved gadgets and replace them with Surface Pro 3. Not to mention the rather costly price of the Microsoft gadget, which can vary between 799 and 1,949 US dollars.

Microsoft is not at its first mocking Apple advertisement. Several weeks ago, Microsoft presented the Cortana versus Siri commercial in which it ironized Apple’s personal digital assistant. In the commercial Siri is not capable of performing the task the user asks it do to. In the meanwhile Cortana proves to be very effective.

On the Microsoft on-line store one can find a chart (unfortunately scarce in details) in which the features of the Surface Pro 3 and that of MacBook Air 3 are compared. The chart points out that the Microsoft gadget is lighter and slimmer than its rival. It also mentions the detachable keyboard and obviously the dazzling multi-touch screen.