The Windows Phone 8.1- A Serious Competitor for Android

A few years ago many specialists belonging to the mobile technology community asked themselves if Nokia should or shouldn’t have used Android as its main operating system instead of making a team with Windows.

But since 2011 a lot of water went under the bridge. In the meantime, Microsoft became the owner of the hardware as well as the device group belonging to Nokia. As a consequence, people are asking themselves again is Android is a better option for the team Microsoft-Nokia.

There are users that would have like seeing the Lumia 1020 functioning with Android in order to get a superior experience due to a system that has countless applications. But this dream was cut short, since Samsung’s domination over the Android platform.

Although, iOS and Android are functioning very well and satisfy users, a market with only two main operating systems would be challenging no more. BlackBerry and Windows are still viable variants of smart phones. Simon Bisson wrote an entire article about Windows Phone and its potential to turn into the new BlackBerry for companies and businesses. These platforms give a very good communication experience, integrated services in a single area, one inbox, fast access to all contact, which is quite different from iOS and Android.

The purpose of Windows Phone is to make the entire phone experience a very personal one and to make an interface that is modeled according to the users desires and tastes. All Windows Phones are different once the startup and the set up processes come to an end. However, you are going to find lots of Android and iPhones that look just like yours. This type of personal experience has been extended to communication and other services.

Beside the aspects concerning the personalization, Windows Phone gives a secure and a very stable platform for companies. Many people use a Windows Phone because of its Exchange integration and the access to the network.

The applications of Windows Phone are created to have a Metro like aspect which makes them unique and point out the elements of Windows 8. Android Applications with Windows might destroy the experience of using the Metro and they also might expose companies to the threat of the viruses and malware belonging to Android.

Windows Phone is far from being perfect; however Microsoft keeps on improving its system of operation as well as Windows 8.1. The developers keep on making applications for the W Phone while the platform has an excellent stability.