Samsung, Huawei, LG G3 and Ascend Mate2 introduce Multi-tasking for Smart Phones

Nobody questions the usefulness of tablets and smart phones. However, they would help users much more if they were multitasking gadgets in the manner of laptop and desktop computers. For example, is a user is watching a film or a music video on his/her phone, than he/she has to stop if a messages comes in or he/she remembers that an important email needs to be sent right away. With mobile phones, the users can perform only one action at the time. This can be quite frustrating especially when in a hurry.

However, phone producers using Android as operating system do their best in order to change this situation. However, it would not be fair not to say that Windows tablets allow multitasking. But, unfortunately such actions are impossible on the Windows phones. The iPhone and iPad are not multitasking devices either.

For the time being there are some Android devices that permit limited multi-tasking operations. The experience is not at all close to the one provided by a desktop computer, but little is better than nothing.

Samsung’s Offer  

Samsung has come along with the Multi-Window option. This permits users to see various applications running at the same time on the phone screen. The Samsung smart phones allow the users to see two applications while the Samsung Pro Tablets having 12.2 inch allow the users to actually see four applications at the same time. The slider allows the user to decide how much space to allocate to each running applications.

However, only certain applications function with the Multi-Window. Thus, Google Play, the Movie and TV applications and Samsung Video function perfectly at the same time. But Netflix or Hulu cannot be uses with this option for the time being. The Multi-Widow does not function pretty well with gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy III, newer devices are needed.

The Samsung Note smart phones and tablets function with the Pen Window. This becomes active when the gadget owner makes use of the stylus with which the gadget is equipped. The pen is utilized to draw a simple box onto the screen. This books moves to the main application located on the screen and the applications opens. In this way more than one application can be opened at the same time.

The Multitasking Abilities of the LG G3

The G3 produced by LG is equipped with a Dual Window feature. However the users are limited in their options.

The smart phone is equipped with Qslide which permits access to three applications at the same time. In this case the applications are presented in windows the overlap, which is quite similar to what we see in traditional personal computers. The slider makes tow of the applications transparent while using the third one. The Qslide functions will just a few applications. The user can send text messages, use the calendar or surf the web. The Dual Window has some extra applications that can be used at the same time. These include the photo gallery and the famous YouTube.

Ascend Mate 2 4G produced by Huawei

The multitasking of the Huawei phone is called WOW, the abbreviation for Window on Window. When it is started a small circle makes it apparition and starts hovering all over the home screen and other applications that are being uses. The WOW offers rapid access to the calendar, text messages, the notepad and some other basics. However, only four applications can be opened at the same time.

News on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Samsung and its partner Barnes and Noble presented the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on the 20th of August 2014. The first Nook was released back in 2012. This new launch represents a new direction for Samsung’s partners Barnes and Noble. The company has decided to make the move from hardware to software.

It is true that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is not a new gadget but some sort of a new flavor of the present Galaxy Tab 4. Almost all settings of the famous Galaxy 4 can be found in the just released Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook. However, this is not the main issue.

Barnes and Noble base their sales on its catalogue containing films, games, music and books. The new tablet has a customs screen and new applications like the Nook Store.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 Nook hits the Market on the 20th of August

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook was first presented to the public in the month of June. Samsung teamed up with Barnes & Noble in order to create this new device. Barnes & Noble have started to send invitations to press members for an even they intend to host on the 20th of August 2014. Their motto for the event? “Join us as the best of both worlds come together.” This obviously points out that the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is going to be unveiled in the New York store belonging to the company mentioned above.

It is true that the invitations had no specific mention of the Tab 4 Nook. However, it is not difficult to guess what the event is going to be about, especially since Barnes & Noble have announced that the tablet will hit the stores in the first days of the month of August. Unfortunately, the tablet did not arrive at the promised date. The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be equipped with a 7 inch screen and it will function on Nook software based on Android.

The gadget will come with a screen having a resolution of 1280×800. There will also be a front-facing camera having three megapixels. The rear shooter will also be present, having 1.3 MP. The storage of the device is equal to eight gigabytes, but it can be expanded to thirty-two gigabytes with the help of a micro SD slot. The processor is of the quad-core type, having a power of 1.2 gigahertz.

The device was first sold for the price of 200 US dollars but now it is available on famous e-commerce sites like Amazon and Best Buy for the price of 180 US dollars. However, nobody knows anything about the price of the Nook gadget. The question is if Barnes & Nobles are going to sell the device cheaper than the Galaxy Tab 4 or are they going to keep the same price. However, it would be difficult to convince customers to purchase a tablet functioning on Barnes & Nobles software which has the same price as Galaxy Tab 4 running on KitKat.

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will probable hit the stores soon after its unveiling on the 20th of August. This is the first gadget that resulted from Samsung making partners with Barnes&Nobles. In the month of June 2013, Barnes&Nobles declared that was ready to start its collaboration with third-party producers for the creation of Nook gadgets. However, in the month of August 2013, the company said that had in plans to produce its own gadgets. In February 2014, the company announced its collaboration with some very important players on the smart phone market in order to start the production of devices running on Nook.

The partnership with Samsung was announced in the month of June. The company has also made public its intention to divide its physical retail and the Nook business in two different entities. However, this news should be treated with caution since it is the second time that the company makes and announcement as such.

New Members in the Samsung Family: Samsung Galaxy S5/Galaxy F and Samsung Z

More and more news are heard about the newest member of the Samsung family: the Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F. The first two photo teasers showing a handset of Samsung having a gold and silver back have been followed by a new photo, which is in fact, a close-up of the handset.

Identified by the famous GSM Arena, the new Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F was photographed only from the left side and the front top part. As we can see from the picture the new mobile phone is likely to have a removable back made of plastic. The frame is made of aluminum, a feature with makes the phone quite similar in design with the new iPhone.

Considering the photos one can deduce that the new Samsung phone is not going to have some ultra-thin bezels if it compared with Samsung’s other Galaxy S5. The leaked pictures match the rumours about the new gadget.

However, this does not imply that the pictures actually show us the real Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F produced by Samsung. It is better to wait for the official launch to see how the phone really looks like.

Updates for Sprint and Galaxy S5

Users of Galaxy S5 phones produced by Samsung, who are at the same time Sprint users, will be happy to find out that a new upgrade has been perfected for them. Although, it is a minor upgrade concerning only one feature, it will definitely satisfy users.

The new Wi-Fi upgrade for Sprint is going to permit users to use the Wi-Fi in order to make calls. Android Central says that the upgrade having the number G900PVPU1ABD5 is going to be delivered in batches. Thus, if you are the owner of a Galaxy S5 but you do not have the upgrade, you are going to get it pretty soon.

Samsung Z granted access by remote lab

The Remote Lab Test can be used by developers to access the Tizen Samsung gadget. Thus, users who have the wish to test out the applications they have got on their Samsung Z, they can do so through the virtual gadget extant on the web site.

SamMobile claims that is a Samsung strategy to invite more users as well as developers to try out the Tizen OS and identify by themselves the applications and the services of the gadget.

For the time being, Samsung has not made any official announce about the launch of Samsung Z. This might be due to the fact that developers need to be ensured of the fact that the Tizen telephone will definitely have something more to offer once it is out there on the market. This strategy is also due to the fact that Samsung has to face Android and iOS which already have millions of fans worldwide. Moreover, the developers are constantly asking for something new and attractive in every device that hits the market or at least attempts to do so.