A New Member for the Apple Board: Sue Wagner from BlackRock

A BlackRock member is going to join the Apple board after the retirement of Bill Campbell. Misses Wagner is not an ordinary member of the asset management company but one of its cofounders.

The appointment of this new member might add a certain financial clout to the company’s board. No one can deny the board’s expertise in acquisitions and efficient mergers. All these might point out the new direction of Apple’s businesses.

The electronics giant chairman, Art Levinson declared that Sue Wagner was preferred among others due to her excellent abilities to expand the present board.

Tim Cook, chief executive for Apple expressed his point of view about the hire. Thus, he said that in his opinion Misses Wagner was a pioneer of the financial industry and that he and his colleagues were pleased to have her as their colleague. They consider that her experience and proven success in setting up business in developed but also in developing markets would definitely be a valuable asset for Apple, especially now that the company expanded around the world.

Thus, the founder of BlackRock is about to join a team formed by the former manager of Genetech Levison, Tim Cook, the former chief executive of Millard Drexler, J Crew. Other members of the team are Al Gore, Rober Iger (once a Disney executive), Adrea Jung as well as Sugar Ronald.

BlackRock was founded in 1988. Since then Wagner has had different jobs and responsibilities within the company. Nonetheless she will still be a part of the firm’s board.

On the other hand, Campbell has decided to retire after spending thirty years with Apple, out of which seventeen were dedicated to his career as member of the board.