80 Million iPhone 6 will be in Stores for the Holiday Season

It seems that Apple is preparing for its greatest iPhone launch. The electronics company has asked its suppliers to make everything possible so as to have 80 million iPhone 6 in stores by the holiday season.

Although many have said that the 5.5 inch model will not hit the market this year, Apple has issued orders for both iPhone 6 models: the 4.7 inch version and the 5.5 inch model. This shows the confidence that Apple has in its new products. When Apple launched its iPhone 5 S and 5 C in 2013, only 50 million units were released in stores. Probably, Apple wants to avoid the supply problems it encountered with the iPhone 5S. Apple has gone even further with its preventive actions. Thus, in order to make sure that the 80 million units will be finished on time, it has asked components for about 120 million units.

Foxconn and Pegatron, two very well-known Apple suppliers, are preparing for the massive production of iPhones by employing new staff, especially in the assembly departments. The production of the 4.7 inch version will start in July, while 5.5 inch model will enter the production process in August or early September. Pegatron and Foxconn will be producing the smaller iPhone 6 model. Hon Hai will be the exclusive manufacturer of the iPhone 6, the 5.5 inch version. Probably the smaller version will be launched sooner, but nobody has exact information about Apple’s plans.

Most analysts and experts in the domain are sure that the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 will be launched towards the end of 2014, because they forecast a series of production problems, since the model is quite complicated. The in-cell display technology employed in the manufacturing of this phone requires for the touch sensors to actually be part of the display. In the case of other smart phones an extra layer of such sensors is added. The process will be even more complicated if Apple insists into using the expensive sapphire glass.

The news has come out just in time, since Apple is making preparations to present its report on the earnings obtained during the third quarter of 2014. For a long time now, the iPhone has had an important contribution to Apple incomes, generating more than half of its total revenues. According to Wall Street Journal approximately thirty-six million iPhones were sold during the third quarter, representing a 15 per cent increase when compared with last year’s figures for the same period.

Fifty-one million units were sold during the last holiday season, marking a peak in to the iPhone selling history. If Apple’s estimates are correct, then this record will definitely be surpassed this year.