The Windows Phone 8.1- A Serious Competitor for Android

A few years ago many specialists belonging to the mobile technology community asked themselves if Nokia should or shouldn’t have used Android as its main operating system instead of making a team with Windows.

But since 2011 a lot of water went under the bridge. In the meantime, Microsoft became the owner of the hardware as well as the device group belonging to Nokia. As a consequence, people are asking themselves again is Android is a better option for the team Microsoft-Nokia.

There are users that would have like seeing the Lumia 1020 functioning with Android in order to get a superior experience due to a system that has countless applications. But this dream was cut short, since Samsung’s domination over the Android platform.

Although, iOS and Android are functioning very well and satisfy users, a market with only two main operating systems would be challenging no more. BlackBerry and Windows are still viable variants of smart phones. Simon Bisson wrote an entire article about Windows Phone and its potential to turn into the new BlackBerry for companies and businesses. These platforms give a very good communication experience, integrated services in a single area, one inbox, fast access to all contact, which is quite different from iOS and Android.

The purpose of Windows Phone is to make the entire phone experience a very personal one and to make an interface that is modeled according to the users desires and tastes. All Windows Phones are different once the startup and the set up processes come to an end. However, you are going to find lots of Android and iPhones that look just like yours. This type of personal experience has been extended to communication and other services.

Beside the aspects concerning the personalization, Windows Phone gives a secure and a very stable platform for companies. Many people use a Windows Phone because of its Exchange integration and the access to the network.

The applications of Windows Phone are created to have a Metro like aspect which makes them unique and point out the elements of Windows 8. Android Applications with Windows might destroy the experience of using the Metro and they also might expose companies to the threat of the viruses and malware belonging to Android.

Windows Phone is far from being perfect; however Microsoft keeps on improving its system of operation as well as Windows 8.1. The developers keep on making applications for the W Phone while the platform has an excellent stability.

Samsung, Huawei, LG G3 and Ascend Mate2 introduce Multi-tasking for Smart Phones

Nobody questions the usefulness of tablets and smart phones. However, they would help users much more if they were multitasking gadgets in the manner of laptop and desktop computers. For example, is a user is watching a film or a music video on his/her phone, than he/she has to stop if a messages comes in or he/she remembers that an important email needs to be sent right away. With mobile phones, the users can perform only one action at the time. This can be quite frustrating especially when in a hurry.

However, phone producers using Android as operating system do their best in order to change this situation. However, it would not be fair not to say that Windows tablets allow multitasking. But, unfortunately such actions are impossible on the Windows phones. The iPhone and iPad are not multitasking devices either.

For the time being there are some Android devices that permit limited multi-tasking operations. The experience is not at all close to the one provided by a desktop computer, but little is better than nothing.

Samsung’s Offer  

Samsung has come along with the Multi-Window option. This permits users to see various applications running at the same time on the phone screen. The Samsung smart phones allow the users to see two applications while the Samsung Pro Tablets having 12.2 inch allow the users to actually see four applications at the same time. The slider allows the user to decide how much space to allocate to each running applications.

However, only certain applications function with the Multi-Window. Thus, Google Play, the Movie and TV applications and Samsung Video function perfectly at the same time. But Netflix or Hulu cannot be uses with this option for the time being. The Multi-Widow does not function pretty well with gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy III, newer devices are needed.

The Samsung Note smart phones and tablets function with the Pen Window. This becomes active when the gadget owner makes use of the stylus with which the gadget is equipped. The pen is utilized to draw a simple box onto the screen. This books moves to the main application located on the screen and the applications opens. In this way more than one application can be opened at the same time.

The Multitasking Abilities of the LG G3

The G3 produced by LG is equipped with a Dual Window feature. However the users are limited in their options.

The smart phone is equipped with Qslide which permits access to three applications at the same time. In this case the applications are presented in windows the overlap, which is quite similar to what we see in traditional personal computers. The slider makes tow of the applications transparent while using the third one. The Qslide functions will just a few applications. The user can send text messages, use the calendar or surf the web. The Dual Window has some extra applications that can be used at the same time. These include the photo gallery and the famous YouTube.

Ascend Mate 2 4G produced by Huawei

The multitasking of the Huawei phone is called WOW, the abbreviation for Window on Window. When it is started a small circle makes it apparition and starts hovering all over the home screen and other applications that are being uses. The WOW offers rapid access to the calendar, text messages, the notepad and some other basics. However, only four applications can be opened at the same time.

Umidificatoarele de camera un mit sau o necesitate?

Ati auzit din ce in ce mai des cuvantul umidificator asociat cu sanatos,camera copilului,uleiuri esentiale. Ati auzit bine,in cele mai multe locuinte este indicat chiar de medic a se folosi un umidificator de camera.

De exeplu iarna,va reglati temperatura din locuinta la 24 grade Celsius, iar uneori constatati ca va este frig si va intrebati daca termometrul indica temperatura corecta,sau v-a incearca o raceala. Ati ramane surprinsi sa aflati ca nici una din variante nu este corecta. Ceea ce resimtiti dvs este practic un disconfort termic, corpul uman este construit sa se simta confortabil la o anumita temperatura si umiditate. Daca aerul din camera dvs este prea uscat,nu o sa resimtiti acel confort de care vorbeam mai sus. Imaginati-va intr-o tara desertica precum Dubai , Qatar, Egipt la o temperatura de 45 -49 de grade Celsius. Daca nu ati apucat sa calatoriti intr-o astfel de tara,aceste temperaturi vi se par insuportabile,ei bine,ele sunt si se reseimt cam ca unele de 34 grade Celsius intr-o zi de vara la noi in tara. De ce temperaturile dintr-o tara desertica sunt mai usor de suportat decat temperaturile din tara noastra de ex? Raspunsul vi-l imaginati deja,aerul uscat, tocmai de aceea iarna in peste 90% din camere avem nevoie de umidificator aer cu abur rece sau ultrasunete. Din ce in ce mai multe mamici incep sa constientizeze de beneficiile pe care le are un umidificator camera,iar datorita acestui tip de cerere au aparut o oferta cat mai larga de umidificatoare camera bebe. Aceste umidifictoare au o forma placuta,de cele mai multe ori ele imitand un personaj de desene animat, integrandu-se perfect in camera copilului dvs.

News on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Samsung and its partner Barnes and Noble presented the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on the 20th of August 2014. The first Nook was released back in 2012. This new launch represents a new direction for Samsung’s partners Barnes and Noble. The company has decided to make the move from hardware to software.

It is true that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is not a new gadget but some sort of a new flavor of the present Galaxy Tab 4. Almost all settings of the famous Galaxy 4 can be found in the just released Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook. However, this is not the main issue.

Barnes and Noble base their sales on its catalogue containing films, games, music and books. The new tablet has a customs screen and new applications like the Nook Store.

Microsoft starts Ad Battle against MacBook Air

Microsoft seems to believe that the most inspired method to compete against Apple is to make some comparison ads, obviously in its own benefit. Thus, the company has decided to launch a new campaign in which to emphasize the differences extant between its Surface Pro 3 and the MacBook Air. It is no use to say that the ads claim that the Microsoft computer is much better than Apple’s.

The ads have been suggestively named Crowded, Head to Head and Power. They present two friends (we can just hear not see them, ok just their hands) having a dispute over the qualities of the gadgets they use. In the ad entitled “Crowded” the Mac possessor says that he has touch screen feature as well and then puts his iPad on top of his MacBook. Then the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 user writes something on the screen with a digital pen. In response to that the Mac user gets out a traditional pen and pad. Towards the end of the ad the Mac user realizes that he has to carry around too many things in order to solve his problems. At this point the Surface user utters the worlds “You are more powerful than you think” making an unveiled-mocking reference to the motto that Apple uses to promote its iPhone 5S.

The second ad, the one entitled “Head to Head” is targeted towards the putting face to face the specs of the two gadgets. So, we find out that both gadgets have storage of 128 gigabytes and a random access memory of 4 gigabytes. Not much of a difference till now, is it? But the next second the Surface possessor focuses the viewer’s attention on the touchscreen tablet, the amazing detachable keyboard and obviously the digitizer pen. The advertisement ends with the warning “Do not attempt” when the other person in the video tries to separate the two parts of his Mac laptop computer.

In the advertisement entitled “Power” some other features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are brought into the public’s attention. Thus, the ad reveals that the new Microsoft gadget has mini display ports, USB and Kickstand.

The advertisements are funny to watch however they do not reveal which are the strongest features of the Surface Pro 3. When it comes to specs the Microsoft gadget is pretty similar to Apple’s MacBook Air. The advertisements pretty much fail to convince iPad and MacBook possessors to abandon their beloved gadgets and replace them with Surface Pro 3. Not to mention the rather costly price of the Microsoft gadget, which can vary between 799 and 1,949 US dollars.

Microsoft is not at its first mocking Apple advertisement. Several weeks ago, Microsoft presented the Cortana versus Siri commercial in which it ironized Apple’s personal digital assistant. In the commercial Siri is not capable of performing the task the user asks it do to. In the meanwhile Cortana proves to be very effective.

On the Microsoft on-line store one can find a chart (unfortunately scarce in details) in which the features of the Surface Pro 3 and that of MacBook Air 3 are compared. The chart points out that the Microsoft gadget is lighter and slimmer than its rival. It also mentions the detachable keyboard and obviously the dazzling multi-touch screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 Nook hits the Market on the 20th of August

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook was first presented to the public in the month of June. Samsung teamed up with Barnes & Noble in order to create this new device. Barnes & Noble have started to send invitations to press members for an even they intend to host on the 20th of August 2014. Their motto for the event? “Join us as the best of both worlds come together.” This obviously points out that the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is going to be unveiled in the New York store belonging to the company mentioned above.

It is true that the invitations had no specific mention of the Tab 4 Nook. However, it is not difficult to guess what the event is going to be about, especially since Barnes & Noble have announced that the tablet will hit the stores in the first days of the month of August. Unfortunately, the tablet did not arrive at the promised date. The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be equipped with a 7 inch screen and it will function on Nook software based on Android.

The gadget will come with a screen having a resolution of 1280×800. There will also be a front-facing camera having three megapixels. The rear shooter will also be present, having 1.3 MP. The storage of the device is equal to eight gigabytes, but it can be expanded to thirty-two gigabytes with the help of a micro SD slot. The processor is of the quad-core type, having a power of 1.2 gigahertz.

The device was first sold for the price of 200 US dollars but now it is available on famous e-commerce sites like Amazon and Best Buy for the price of 180 US dollars. However, nobody knows anything about the price of the Nook gadget. The question is if Barnes & Nobles are going to sell the device cheaper than the Galaxy Tab 4 or are they going to keep the same price. However, it would be difficult to convince customers to purchase a tablet functioning on Barnes & Nobles software which has the same price as Galaxy Tab 4 running on KitKat.

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will probable hit the stores soon after its unveiling on the 20th of August. This is the first gadget that resulted from Samsung making partners with Barnes&Nobles. In the month of June 2013, Barnes&Nobles declared that was ready to start its collaboration with third-party producers for the creation of Nook gadgets. However, in the month of August 2013, the company said that had in plans to produce its own gadgets. In February 2014, the company announced its collaboration with some very important players on the smart phone market in order to start the production of devices running on Nook.

The partnership with Samsung was announced in the month of June. The company has also made public its intention to divide its physical retail and the Nook business in two different entities. However, this news should be treated with caution since it is the second time that the company makes and announcement as such.

Microsoft Takes Legal Actions against Samsung over Android Problems

The computer giant Microsoft took legal action against Samsung on the 1st of August 2014. The American company accuses Samsung of not respecting the terms of the patent licensing contract which was signed in 2011. The deal refers to Samsung being allowed to use the Microsoft IP for its smart phones and tablets running on the Android operating system.

The legal action was taken at the Manhattan federal court. Microsoft claims that the Korean manufacturer ceased the royalty payments for the patent license in the autumn of 2013. Moreover, Samsung does not want to pay interest rates for this delay, although this issue was stipulated in the 2011 contract. All these problems appeared after Microsoft had announced its intention to buy the Devices and Services division belonging to Nokia.

The American company said that Samsung issued threats regarding the violation of the contract because it had considered that the Nokia takeover was in fact a breach in the agreement signed with Microsoft.

However, Microsoft does not consider that the acquisition violates any previous contract and agreement. David Howard, the deputy general counsel of Microsoft declared that after months spend on trying to find a proper solution for the disagreement, Samsung had made it clear that the two companies had totally different views on the meaning of the contract they signed.

On the other hand, Samsung says that the smart phones which have been commercialized by Microsoft and Nokia do not respect the licensing agreement. The company said that it would take the appropriate legal measures to respond to Microsoft’s accusations.

Microsoft asks for money recovery from the Korean company; however the amount of money required has not been made public.

Amazon Fire less Attractive for Customers than Apple or Android

Amazon has decided to enter the fierce battle on the mobile phones market with its Amazon Fire Phone. The phone has some very qualitative components that should make it a serious competitor for other smart phones in sales in stores across the world. The Amazon Phone is a nice gadget but it can rival neither Apple nor Android. It is a good option for Amazon fans but there are few chances for Android or iOS users to leave their gadgets behind for this new comer.

The Fire Phone has the appearance of a big iPhone having back and front panels made of glass. It also has curved angles and a narrow built. The Amazon logo is very distinguishable on the back. There are two speakers one at the top and the other at the bottom, which is quite rare for a smart phone.

However, the feature that differentiates the Fire phone is its sensors of the infrared LED type, placed at the four corners of the front panel. The sensors have the function to detect if the user’s head is close to the phone. This feature is called Dynamic Perspective and it should help users control their phones better and add 3 D effects to the phone’s interface. The users can see the data of each picture or video just by moving their heads right or left while looking at the phone.

Third party developers also have the possibility to use these feature to create their applications. In a game called “Lili”, users can have a perspective of the 3D world just by moving their heads in front of the real screen. It is a nice feature but unless it has a more important usage it will be forgotten soon.

Firefly is another unique characteristic of the Fire phone. The phone’s camera and microphone are uses in order to identify products, films, television shows, texts as well as music. The Firefly can be activated by pressing the camera button located on the left side of the Fire Phone. Then the phone is pointed towards the items that need to be identified. It can be aimed towards a business card in order to add the email address or the phone number without having to type them. If the application is used while in the process of watching a film, then it will trigger out useful information from IMDB. If the user aims the phone towards a product, the Amazon web page selling that product will appear on the screen.

Unfortunately, one can see from a distance that all these new, futuristic features were added to the phone just to boost the sales on Amazon. The phone interface always recommends the user to buy something. For example if a user returns to a previously heard song, the interface will offer similar songs to buy. The same happens with Fire TV player and with the Fire tablets. However, in the case of the Fire Phone, the entire action feels more invasive because the suggestions are there on a screen that has only 4.7 inch. Fortunately, the users can turn off the purchasing suggestions from the phone settings. There is always the Mayday icon to contact the Amazon customer service in case the user does not figure out how to get rid of the annoying suggestions. When tapping the Mayday icon, a video call occurs and an Amazon representative will be there to answer the user’s questions. Amazon introduced this feature on some of its feature in 2013.

The phone functions on the Amazon version of Android. The main screen has a carouse that presents the applications and the content in a chronological way, starting with the most recently used. The most favourite applications can be pinned and brought to the front. However, this is not a very efficient way of navigating around the phone. But the users have other options as well. If the user swipes up from the bottom towards the top, the applications can be arranged as the user wants to.

The Amazon Fire has a rear facing camera of thirteen megapixels. The videos and pictures taken with this camera are very sharp. But this is not something outstanding for a smart phone. The Amazon Phone automatically backs up every photo in the cloud. This might turn out to be handy when at an important event where lots of pictures are taken and the users might run out of space. The photos can be deleted without a worry because there is a copy of them which can be accessed later on. When compared with Apple this is a plus because Apple offers its users only five gigabytes of free cloud storage. When these are used the customer has to pay if he/she wants additional space.

People purchasing the Fire Phone also get a one year membership on the Amazon Prime. This means access to Prime Music, Amazon Instant Video and free delivery for certain items. The value of this membership equals the sum of 99 US dollars. However, this does not mean that the Amazon Phone is cheap at all. Buyers who do not want to sign a contract can have the phone for 649 US dollars or for 749 US dollar. The lower price is for a phone with only thirty-two gigabytes for storage and the higher price gives users sixty-four gigabytes of storage. Those who want to sign a contract with AT&T can have the phone for 199 US dollars (but only thirty-two gigabytes of storage are included) or for 299 US dollars if the user wants to have the storage space of sixty-for gigabytes. Buyers also have the possibility to pay the gadget in monthly instalments by making use of the AT&T Next payment system.

Amazon shoppers might find the gadget extremely useful. However, Apple and Android fans cannot be seduced by features like Dynamic Perspective or Firefly. Something more is needed to defeat these powerful names on the smart phone market.

80 Million iPhone 6 will be in Stores for the Holiday Season

It seems that Apple is preparing for its greatest iPhone launch. The electronics company has asked its suppliers to make everything possible so as to have 80 million iPhone 6 in stores by the holiday season.

Although many have said that the 5.5 inch model will not hit the market this year, Apple has issued orders for both iPhone 6 models: the 4.7 inch version and the 5.5 inch model. This shows the confidence that Apple has in its new products. When Apple launched its iPhone 5 S and 5 C in 2013, only 50 million units were released in stores. Probably, Apple wants to avoid the supply problems it encountered with the iPhone 5S. Apple has gone even further with its preventive actions. Thus, in order to make sure that the 80 million units will be finished on time, it has asked components for about 120 million units.

Foxconn and Pegatron, two very well-known Apple suppliers, are preparing for the massive production of iPhones by employing new staff, especially in the assembly departments. The production of the 4.7 inch version will start in July, while 5.5 inch model will enter the production process in August or early September. Pegatron and Foxconn will be producing the smaller iPhone 6 model. Hon Hai will be the exclusive manufacturer of the iPhone 6, the 5.5 inch version. Probably the smaller version will be launched sooner, but nobody has exact information about Apple’s plans.

Most analysts and experts in the domain are sure that the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 will be launched towards the end of 2014, because they forecast a series of production problems, since the model is quite complicated. The in-cell display technology employed in the manufacturing of this phone requires for the touch sensors to actually be part of the display. In the case of other smart phones an extra layer of such sensors is added. The process will be even more complicated if Apple insists into using the expensive sapphire glass.

The news has come out just in time, since Apple is making preparations to present its report on the earnings obtained during the third quarter of 2014. For a long time now, the iPhone has had an important contribution to Apple incomes, generating more than half of its total revenues. According to Wall Street Journal approximately thirty-six million iPhones were sold during the third quarter, representing a 15 per cent increase when compared with last year’s figures for the same period.

Fifty-one million units were sold during the last holiday season, marking a peak in to the iPhone selling history. If Apple’s estimates are correct, then this record will definitely be surpassed this year.

A New Member for the Apple Board: Sue Wagner from BlackRock

A BlackRock member is going to join the Apple board after the retirement of Bill Campbell. Misses Wagner is not an ordinary member of the asset management company but one of its cofounders.

The appointment of this new member might add a certain financial clout to the company’s board. No one can deny the board’s expertise in acquisitions and efficient mergers. All these might point out the new direction of Apple’s businesses.

The electronics giant chairman, Art Levinson declared that Sue Wagner was preferred among others due to her excellent abilities to expand the present board.

Tim Cook, chief executive for Apple expressed his point of view about the hire. Thus, he said that in his opinion Misses Wagner was a pioneer of the financial industry and that he and his colleagues were pleased to have her as their colleague. They consider that her experience and proven success in setting up business in developed but also in developing markets would definitely be a valuable asset for Apple, especially now that the company expanded around the world.

Thus, the founder of BlackRock is about to join a team formed by the former manager of Genetech Levison, Tim Cook, the former chief executive of Millard Drexler, J Crew. Other members of the team are Al Gore, Rober Iger (once a Disney executive), Adrea Jung as well as Sugar Ronald.

BlackRock was founded in 1988. Since then Wagner has had different jobs and responsibilities within the company. Nonetheless she will still be a part of the firm’s board.

On the other hand, Campbell has decided to retire after spending thirty years with Apple, out of which seventeen were dedicated to his career as member of the board.